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The Bower Tower Project is a long term collaborative art project between Ian Hamilton and John Hayward which began in 2010. The project combines elements of nature and architecture as mediums for exploring notions related to the environment, structure making and human creativity. Until now these ideas have manifested as open air art installations at places as diverse at the Queensland rainforest, the Arid Lands Botanic Park at Port Augusta, and the Adelaide hills region.



Heysen Sculpture Biennial 2012


Bower Tower Project: Large Marquette #1
Wood, metal, rope
1500cm x 1500cm x 600cm

Ian Hamilton and John Hayward established the Bower Tower Project in 2010. The project, initially inspired by the structures of the male Golden Bowerbird (Prionodura newtoniana) is a continuing investigation of art making and structure building.

Documentation: Leo Davis and Peter Lindon
Metalwork: Tom Borgas
Carpentry: Steven Cybulka




Heysen Sculpture Biennial 2010



The Bird Headed One Contemplates a Bower______________________wood_______2008


The bower in made from material collected on site and takes its cues from the constructions of male Spotted Bowerbirds, a species that has become extinct in South Australia. The bird head is also made of organic material.